These beautiful baguettes are hand made while dreaming about French patisserie and markets. They are made with Organic Shipton Mill white and brown flour. 350g weight. We make a poolish first and then mix our wonderfully soft dough. 
All our loaves are hand kneaded, and slow prove for up to 5 hours, using traditional artisan flours and methods, to make sure the loaves have the best texture and flavour. We don't do bread by halves. Baked around or contains nuts and/or seeds. Does not contain soy. 
Firstly, we would like to say thank you for supporting local and purchasing some of our wares. We are predominantly a cookery school, but surplus and COVID closing our doors has encouraged us to have a little on-line shop to drum up a bit of interest. What we send you in a box, you can come and learn to cook too which is a bonus is it not?


  • The stoneground white flour is Michael Stoates, Cann Mills, Shaftesbury.

    The white flour we use is from Shipton Mill grade 1 strong white bread flour. Sifted to perfection. 




    Olive oil

    Herbs – fresh rosemary


    * Allergens

    ** Made with and/or around nuts and seed