All our loaves are hand kneaded, and slow prove for up to 5 hours, using traditional artisan flours and methods, to make sure the loaves have the best texture and flavour. We don't do bread by halves. 900g weight loaf. Baked around or contains nuts and/or seeds. Does not contain soy. 


Firstly, we would like to say thank you for supporting local and purchasing some of our wares. We are predominantly a cookery school, but surplus and COVID closing our doors has encouraged us to have a little on-line shop to drum up a bit of interest. What we send you in a box, you can come and learn to cook too which is a bonus is it not?

Brown Bread

  • Organic Wholemeal is made with Shipton Mill Organic Wholemeal Flour

    Malted Grain is made with Shipton Mill or Maltstar Flour from Michael Stoates 

    Seeded Wholemeal is a blend of Maltstar, wholemeal and stoneground white flour for a lighter fluffier texture




    Olive oil

    Herbs – fresh rosemary


    * Allergens

    ** Made with and/or around nuts and seed