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About Us

Miranda and Carol both grew up in Somerset, surrounded by amazing local producers and ingredients. This pair of stylish and skilled cooks are always true to their roots. They mainly use fresh and locally sourced, seasonal ingredients that grow in abundance in Somerset, and tailor their courses to each season. 



Miranda is a published cookbook author, she has travelled and cooked around the world for 20 years. She is the daughter of Food Writer Tamasin Day-Lewis, and equally as passionate about food as her mother. Originally a self-taught cook, Miranda has been lucky to cook with the likes of Stephen Markwick and Barney Haughton at Quartier Vert, Bristol. She has also had the pleasure of working at Highgrove for Prince Charles and, as a private chef for Sir James Dyson.


Miranda loves to develop new skills that will help her with the cooking journey. She trained as a fishmonger at Phil Bowditch’s in Taunton. In 2015 she attended the Going Professional Baking Course and subsequently became an artisan baker’s apprentice at Panary in Shaftesbury, under the wonderful Master Baker, Paul Merry. Here she gained a wealth of knowledge and insight before opening the kitchen at The Firehouse Somerset. Miranda assisted in the installation of a pizza oven and setting up of the award-winning kitchen. It was at the Firehouse that Miranda and Carol met.



Carol spent most of her childhood in her father’s allotment that he still cares for to this day. Her love for jams and jellies stemmed from her mother, who was handed the fruits of Carol’s father's labour, to turn into jams, chutney’s and preserves all year round. 

Carol has worked as a professional chef in some of Somerset’s most well-known restaurants and tea rooms. She has left a legacy wherever she has worked. She more recently baked up a storm at Hestercombe Gardens, where her beautiful cakes and jams were devoured by the masses. He true passion is foraging, begging, borrowing and cooking any vegetable, fruit or berry that makes its way into her jam pan, and turning it into a seriously good chutney or preserve.


Carol has a diverse knowledge of Gluten-Free Baking. Her repertoire of cakes and bakes is extensive and her pastry is always perfect. She makes beautiful food, and her attention to detail, care and precision are always on point. She is passionate about trying new recipes and one can always find her nose inside a food magazine or cookbook scouring the pages for something to wow the guest bakers with. She is also fanatical about no waste. All of our courses offer many helpful tips and hints on how to use food up as both Carol and Miranda are great believers in zero waste. 

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