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Artisan Bread & Jam Making Course

Artisan Bread & Jam Making Course

One must have delicious bread upon which to slather great jam.

This bread and jam course is an excellent way to learn some serious skills for life. Making bread yourself at home can only be a good thing and learning how to use up leftover fruit and vegetables in jams and chutneys in a time when being conscious about food waste is an important topic.

Carol and Miranda joined forces at the start of blackberry foraging season and conjured up this course while stripping the hedgerows of their purple gems. Out of the bread and jam course, the cookery school idea blossomed.

This course is fabulous. You get the artisan bread making side, and you get the low down on how to make a myriad of jams, jellies, chutneys and preserves using an abundance of vegetables from the allotment. If you don’t have green fingers, and don’t grow vegetables, it’s still a great course to learn how to use up old vegetables in the fridge and how to make jam out of punnets of fruits that have seen better days.

Carol and Miranda have also designed a few delicious signature bakes and tarts which they throw into this course for good measure. You will learn how to use up your finger-licking good jam in Miranda’s mama’s Bakewell tart or you will make some apple and pecan scones that were a happy accident in the kitchen one day when a Bramley apple and lemon curd needed spreading on something cake-like. It is an extremely interesting and hands on day out with a delicious soup or tart made with seasonal, locally grown or foraged vegetables thrown in for lunch.

Lunch included
Price: £150
Course limited to 4 people
Group offers available

This is a private cookery course. If you would like more information or to book, please click here to email us or ring Miranda on 07899 665635.

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