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Artisan Bread Making Course

Artisan Bread Making Course

Bread making is a journey and happy accidents along the way bring a sense of desire to improve in the hope one might, just one day, make the perfect loaf.

The artisan bread making course stemmed from Miranda’s newly found passion for bread. She has been an apprentice baker at Panary in Dorset since 2014.

Having trained as a baker on a woodfired oven, in a proper traditional bakery on a Mill in Shaftesbury, Miranda felt compelled to introduce this bestselling course. It is designed to ignite the flames of curiosity in the fledgling baker.

For beginners who have never even deigned to make a loaf of bread, to home bakers who would like to hone their skills and perhaps take them to the next level. You will really understand different flours, learn some fascinating folding techniques and enjoy the art of hands on bread making from start to finish.

Using only the best flours from Cann Mills in Shaftesbury, Dorset, Shipton Mill flour in Tetbury, Gloucestershire and Doves Farm Flour you will mix up a couple of batches of white loaves, seeded, wholemeal.

You will try your hand at some funky folding techniques and make pitta breads, pretzels or bagels for your lunch. You get to make rolls or baguettes and you will learn the traditional art of folding and baking a proper focaccia (Italian hearth bread.)

There are a couple of surprise breads thrown in along the way, depending on what flour Miranda has got her hands on.

This is run like a day at the bakery, so you get to experience a traditional craft and how everything rises and proves and bakes throughout the day.

This is our best-selling course. It has wonderful reviews and every guest has gone home and baked some fabulous bread. Yes, Miranda does set you all homework and expects to be tagged in your bread adventures for life.

Lunch included
Price: £150
Course limited to 4 people

This is a private cookery course. If you would like more information or to book, ring Miranda on 07899 665635.

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