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Fresh Pasta and Artisan Neapolitan Pizza

Fresh Pasta and Artisan Neapolitan Pizza

If you haven’t got forearms like an Italian mama or flour all over your face and in hair by the end of this day in our kitchen, you either haven’t enjoyed yourself or been worked hard enough.

What would a cookery school be without a proper pasta making and pizza baking course?

It’s simply fun to make either of these Italian wonders with friends or family. My children love rolling out the pasta and winding the handle on the pasta making machine to make tagliatelle. They make pizzas with their friends and these are just two dishes that make a happy kitchen table. These are skills for life and guess what. They are wonderfully fun to teach and easy to learn.

Having been on enough pasta making and woodfired pizza baking courses, we think we have devised a rather better one than Course than our more expensive competition has to offer.

Why is ours better one might ask? Well, the dough we make is the same beautiful dough that Miranda introduced to the family-run Firehouse Somerset opposite. The pizzas renowned across Somerset. The dough is a proper Neapolitan dough, made three days before it is rolled and broken. And, the toppings are sourced by the best Italian supplier from wonderful producers across Italy.

How can you make the dough three days before this course one might ask?

Well you don’t. You use our dough that is 3 days old and we use you as slave labour to make the next dough… but it’s worth it. You will see.

You don’t just make pizza dough. You will also make a traditional focaccia bread. You will learn the history of focaccia, how to knead, fold, roll and stuff the bread too with some delicious Italian ingredients.

We will talk about ingredients, including best flours to use for pizza, pasta and focaccia. You will learn a little about mozzarella, and taste some of our locally made Mozarella Di Buffula. You will make two seasonal, fresh Italian sauces to go with your pasta. You will also make tortelloni or ravioli with a lovely filling and a crispy sage and brown butter sauce to finish.

You will learn to roll, and fold pizza dough. The hydration techniques and flour strengths to get the best looking pizza in town. You will learn to break a pizza dough and we will have various toppings to try from our wonderful Italian supplier in Clevedon. You will get to go and visit our beautiful woodfired oven and watch our pizza boys in action across the road. You will enjoy your pizzas for lunch and take your pasta and sauces home for supper.

Mama mia what a day out we have in store for you.

Lunch included
Price: £150 per person
Enquire with Miranda on 07899665635. Dates must be agreed and booked in advance.

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