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The perfect chocolate mousse

If you read Felicity Cloake’s article: How to Make the Perfect Chocolate Mousse in the Guardian, she works her way through some serious chocolate mousse recipes. She keeps it pretty quiet until the end as to whose recipe she likes the most... and the winner was Elizabeth David. I could have told you that at the start. It’s non negotiable. Her mousse tastes the best, is the simplest recipe on this earth, and it is a complete crowd pleaser.

Serves 2

60g dark chocolate 70 percent - Le Menieur or Valhrona or Green and Blacks

2 eggs, 2 tsp vanilla caster sugar

I usually triple this recipe for a dinner party.

Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a Bain Marie. separate the eggs. Whisk the whites into soft peaks either with a hand whisk or in a Kitchen Aid. Add the teaspoons of sugar.

Let the chocolate cool, whisk in the egg yolks. Add a little booze if you like... a glug of rum or amaretto or baileys perhaps ...

Or a raspberry liqueur...

Fold in the egg whites. Our one spoonful

at a time. The first spoon is to slacken the mix as it goes stiff with the yolks.

Use a large metal spoon. Folding is an art - big huge sweeps ... it’s the hardest thing to teach at cookery school as it’s so ridiculously dramatic but you need to keep the air in.

Pour into ramekins or a pretty bowl and refrigerate. Four hours is enough. The serve. I like serving with a little proper Italian macaroon biscuit or a little shortbread. Enjoy this classic mousse from my all time favourite cookbook writer.


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